Become a Referral Agent - How it Works

You’ve worked really hard in your real estate career, spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to get your license.  Don’t let it go inactive or expire!

Becoming a Referral Agent with Park and Refer offers you the perfect solution for keeping your license active and earning thousands for your referrals.  There are NO realtor or MLS fees, and we even pay for your mandatory E&O insurance!  You’ll save a ton on fees every year.  Becoming a Park and Refer referral agent is an easy, inexpensive, and superior option to going inactive or letting your license expire, where you have ZERO earning potential…I call this a NO-BRAINER.

To park your license there’s a low membership fee: $75 for 6 months, $125 for 1 year, or $195 for 2 years.  And if you have just 1 paid referral during your membership period, you’ll earn a FREE 1 year renewal membership.  Plus get 250 professional business cards of your choice FREE when you sign-up, a $35 value.  And your very own email forwarding address…example

We’re a completely independent brokerage, so you may place your referral with the agent of your choice.  You can refer residential, commercial, new construction, even land deals, in any state.  You can even refer yourself on your own purchase and sale!  A 25% referral of a $300k property will put $1,925 net in your pocket.  Why not refer a customer or yourself to a new home builder and earn the 3% builder referral commission, which on a $300,000 home is $9,000!  Easy money with the power of your valuable active real estate license.

It’s very easy to make a referral and always keep track of it.  Simply click on the Referral Form, or call us 888-470-0641.  We’ll draw up the agreement and email you a cool Referral Info Link so that you can always keep track of the progress of your referral.  Why not sign up today?  Click on the orange “Super Easy Sign-Up” to get started.  Happy Referring!

Turn your relationships into great extra income

As a Referral Agent, a simple 5 minute conversation can lead to literally thousands in your pocket.  …“I hear you’re moving, well I’ve got the perfect agent for your needs, let me help you make the connection.”  …It’s that easy!

PARK Your Valuable Real Estate License Today!

Referral Strategies

Maximize your referral opportunities