Strategies to maximize your referral opportunities

Friends Family and Acquaintances

As a Referral Agent with an active license, now you can be a resource to anyone, even if they live in another state.

Friends – Relatives – Neighbors – Co-Workers – Spouse – Children – Facebook – Linked-in – Twitter – Holiday Update

Your built in list of past clients.

If you’ve been in real estate before, your past clients can be an excellent source of referrals in the future. Keep in touch on a regular basis and let them know you can still help them with their real estate needs.  This is probably the best way to capture referrals.

Earn thousands on your own personal transaction

Think of the money you’ll save on commissions with your active real estate license.  Simply have a realtor friend represent you, and negotiate a higher referral percentage for yourself.  We’ve had agents negotiate as high as 70% referrals on their own deals!

Over the course of a year, you'll run into 5 people who are thinking about moving

Especially if you work for a larger company. Co-workers can be a huge source of referral leads, whether the co-worker is relocating, received a promotion and needs a bigger house, whatever…you get the idea!

Why not capitalize with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter or even start a blog?

And shout out to the world how you can people with their real estate needs! Bottom line is there are a million ways to get referrals in this business, and with relatively little effort you can earn great commissions while still keeping your license active.


Chance Encounters

Wherever you are, let people know that you are a Referral Agent and can help them find the perfect realtor for their needs.

Vacation – Business Travel – Shopping – General Activities / Errands – Check-out Garage and Estate Sales

Professional Contacts

These professionals often know their clients, and might know if someone is moving into or out of the area.

Doctor – Dentist – Veterinarians – Attorneys – Accountants – Financial planners – Insurance Salesmen

Service Contacts

These small business also know if their clients are moving into or out of the area.  Why not drop off a business card or flyer?  After all, YOU are the person who can set people up with the perfect agent for their needs!

Hair Stylist – Drycleaner – Nail Salon – Tailor – Coffee Shop – Restaurant – Florist – Packing/Shipping Store – Storage Companies

Simple Advertising

Simple inexpensive advertising is always a good idea.  For example, start a new or transform your old website into a lead generating website.  Web hosting is inexpensive, usually under $5 per month.
Social media – Web Advertising – Quarterly mailings – Lead purchase programs – Local Paper/Website/Radio – Just Sold/Just Listed postcards – Club/organization newsletters

Corporate Relocation

Many companies or organizations don’t have an “official” Relocation Department.  Contact the HR Department to offer your services.  You are a referral machine!

Military Base – Boarding School – Regional Retailers – Local Sports Teams – Universities/Colleges – Small to Mid-Size Companies

Organizations, Associations, Groups

Offer to hold home buying/selling seminars, advertise in, or write an article in a newsletter if there is one.

Book Club – Charity Group – Union Groups – Alumni Association – Sports Team or League – Church or Synagogue – Health/Country Club – Men’s/Women’s Clubs – Homeowners Association – Parent/Teacher/School Association

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