Real Park and Refer Agent Success Stories

Susannah C.

“I’ve been a Realtor for 5 years and a recipient of the 5280 5-star Professional Award for 3 years for excellent service to clients and colleagues.  I coached and trained new agents for 6 months before launching my own life and business coaching practice and transferring my license to Park and Refer.  Park and Refer has allowed me to truly focus on what I love while continuing to earn income with real estate easily.  I’m truly grateful for Park and Refer creating a very streamlined supportive and effective process for me!”

Chad B.

“I got an opportunity to take a job as a Sales Rep. in Oklahoma City, OK.  I wanted to keep my license active in Colorado for two reasons.  First, I had several active deals in the works when I moved.  Second,  I wanted to be able to still get a referral fee if any real estate leads came up.  I chose Park and Refer because there are no board of real estate fees, no MLS fees and a low yearly cost.  It just couldn’t be beat.  In order to generate leads, I use Facebook, my contacts in CO. Springs, and my website.  People contact me two to three times a month to ask me questions about Colorado Springs real estate.  I help them out, answer questions and connect them with an agent.  I highly recommend Park and Refer”

Joe E.

“Doug, was great talking with you and finding out about The Park and Refer Real Estate option!  Was amazed that when I talked with my managing broker she offered me a 50% referral fee on my referrals as said she was well aware of how I have been working with various prospects for so long.  Still expect a few of my other early referrals to eventually buy and I do keep them updated!  Park and Refer is certainly a great opportunity for me to supplement my social security income and hopefully exceed it !  Thanks again,  Joe”

Jessica Z.

“I have been in real estate since 2002 in my hometown of Boulder. It worked out well for a long time and it was great being able to mentor other agents. Since becoming a mommy, I realized that there was not enough time to put into that business to keep it successful and be home with my daughter. So in 2011 my husband and I started Z Baby Gear. Z Baby Gear rents baby and toddler gear to people visiting us here in Boulder County. It has been a wonderful challenge, and rewarding. It was so hard to leave my real estate clients since several of them have become dear friends. With Park and Refer, I can have my friends/clients work with agents that we choose together. Also I can save money on all the fees required to keep my license. Jessica Z.”

Doreen Taylor CA. DRE Lic.#01725863

“I’ve been successfully buying and selling real estate in California since 2006, for myself and others.  As fortune would have it, my daughter received a basketball scholarship to Savannah State University in Ga. and we fell in love with the city and decided to move there! Now I had a dilemma…I had worked so hard to obtain my California real estate license and wanted to keep it active, but didn’t want to pay the expensive Realtor fees. Park and Refer was exactly what I was looking for, now I can keep my license active without paying expensive fees. I can refer my clients (including clients I meet in Georgia), to realtors in any state and still receive a commission, it’s great. I’m so glad I found Park and Refer, Thank you Doug!”

Brett R.

“I initially decided to get my real estate license to facilitate my personal transactions, as I build a new home every few years to the highlight latest home building trends. Park and Refer provided the perfect solution to not being part of an office and all the annual fees.  I also produce various show homes and work with one of Denver’s top residential home designers (Home Draw Denver), so I am always interacting with clients in various aspects of the home building process.  Over the years I have been able to build a team of agents that I can refer.  Often agents have a “go to” area or special niche.  By having a few options for my clients depending on their needs, I really feel I am providing them a great service. They eliminate a lot of trial and error and get a one of my Rock Star agents on day one.”

Ralph H.

“Ian H. called me a few months back to sell his second home in Horseshoe Bay, TX.  This was a home that I helped him purchase roughly 10 years ago.  Ian was not aware that I had retired.  I told him that I could still put him in touch with the agent that I felt would do the best job for him, that being Georganna Z. with KW.  She sold the house for him in less than 3 months in a tough market.  Ian was disappointed initially when I told him I was no longer transacting real estate, but he was still eager to work with my best choice for him.  I love that I get to choose who I feel is the best agent for the referral rather than being obligated to bring it to a sponsoring Broker’s agent.  Life is good!  Ralph”

Brenda B.

“When the decision was made to step back from Real Estate, I was reluctant because I worked so hard for my license.  I found Park and Refer online and felt it was a great option.  Once I did my “due diligence” I felt it was a great way to maintain my license at minimal cost.   I had a very pleasant surprise which was very much appreciated, when I ran into a snag with a referral.  Doug not only stood up for me, but helped me with research as my time was extremely limited.   He “went to bat for me”  and as a result, I was able to earn a greater amount for my referral.  This has been a great decision because Park and Refer is not just a place to “hang your license”, it’s more than that.”

Dorian Cedars CA. DRE Lic.#01876200

“My buddy Rick was looking to purchase in the Sherman Oaks area and approached me as he knew I worked in real estate.  I simply suggested my friend and agent Suzanne would be perfect for his needs.  It was so easy and it worked out great for everybody!  I had to take a break from full time real estate for awhile to make room for some great acting and auditioning opportunities.  Park and Refer Inc.. is the perfect inexpensive solution for me to keep my license active and retain the ability to earn great referral money while I work on becoming famous :)”

Jeanene C.

“After nearly 39 years as a REALTOR, and much due diligence, I chose to Park my license at Park and Refer.  For nine years,  I served as Colorado Association of REALTORs elected director.  Currently, I’ve referred a past CAR State President to work with a past president of the Cancer League of CO. to find a vacation home in Breckenridge.  Other successes from being associated with Park and Refer have resulted in happy clients and agents in CA, NV, WA and many in CO.  Park and Refer works for “JC!”

Donna H.

“After deciding to take an extended maternity leave after the birth of my daughter, Park and Refer has been the perfect solution.  Since Park and Refer allows me to choose the agent I would like to service my clients, I am able to ensure they will receive the quality of service I would have provided to them myself. It gives me the peace of mind knowing that my client’s real estate needs are being met and the extra income while staying home has been has been an added bonus.”

James M.

“A friend of mine who moved to Texas about 6 years ago was renting out the house he was living in here in Thornton.  He was about to have a second child and didn’t really want to deal with a rental so far away anymore.  So he called me up and wanted me to do the transaction but didn’t know I was now with Park and Refer.  I told him I could introduce him to an agent that would be perfect for his needs, so I referred it out to an agent I used to work with and she did an amazing job.  She went over and cleaned the house after the renters moved out and she even planted some flowers out front to make the yard look good. She also engaged the services of a professional photographer whose pictures really make a house look amazing.  My friend closed at over the asking price and couldn’t have been happier with the entire process.  Thank you, James”

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