dont throw away
Of course YOU would never do this, but literally thousands of agents do this every month! Real Estate has one of the highest turnover rates of all professions, and by some accounts, 70% over the course of 2-3 years. Agents change careers, retire, move out of state, take a little break that turns into a forever break etc.

What these agents don’t realize is that a real estate license is extremely valuable to hold onto. That little piece of paper has many benefits, including generating thousands of dollars for you every year with very little if any effort, but the key is, you have to keep it ACTIVE inexpensively! With an ACTIVE license you can earn great money from referrals as well as your own deals. You also keep your professional and tax deductible status.

Park and Refer Inc. is a referral agent brokerage serving agents in CO, CA, TX, FL, GA and soon MI., dedicated to providing an opportunity for these agents to Park their license inexpensively and retain the ability to earn great commissions. Give us a call today 888-470-0641